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Canaan Launches A1566I Immersion Miner with Minimal Efficiency Gains

Efficiency improvement appears to be minimal from 19.5 J/TH to 19 J/TH

Chinese bitcoin miner manufacturer Canaan has launched an immersion cooling model within its latest generation of Avalon 15 series, dubbed the A1566I.

The company unveiled the model at the Mining Disrupt 2024 conference in Miami on Wednesday. This introduction follows the launch of the A15 series at Bitcoin Asia last month.

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Canaan described the A1566I as a “third generation” immersion cooling miner, boasting a hash rate of 249 TH/s and an energy efficiency of 19 J/TH.

However, the energy efficiency improvement of the A1566I appears to be minimal compared to Canaan’s previous generation and lags behind its main market competitors. In comparison, Bitmain’s new immersion-cooling model within its Antminer S21 product line is said to have an efficiency of 13.5 J/TH.

Canaan introduced the Avalon 1466I immersion cooling miner in September 2023 amid heightened competition among Chinese Bitcoin ASIC designers ahead of the halving. At that time, the A1466I was advertised with a hashrate of 170 TH/s and a power efficiency of 19.5 J/TH.

In 2023, Canaan sold 19.6 EH/s of Bitcoin hashrate from its A12 and A13 series at an average price of $8.9 per TH/s. The company plans to “ramp up the mass delivery” of its A14 series this year.

With the launch of the A1566I, Canaan is exploring additional strategies to boost sales, such as offering a 2% voucher to customers who can demonstrate the use of “green energy” for their future orders.