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Foundry Launches Bitcoin Mining Support Hardware

Foundry to showcase the products at Mining Disrupt

Foundry, the bitcoin mining subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, has launched a new business segment focused on ancillary mining hardware.

Dubbed Foundry Hardware, this new venture currently produces proprietary power supply units, immersion optimization kits, and control boards, the company said in a release on Friday.

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Foundry, which operates the largest bitcoin mining pool, said the goal is to help customers optimize mining systems and improve uptime efficiency with these new products.

“Furthermore, we intend to provide miners with inventory flexibility by building hardware usable on multiple models of mining machines,” said MK Sathya, Foundry’s senior vice president of mining services.

Foundry’s expansion into hardware comes two months after bitcoin’s fourth halving, which reduced bitcoin’s hashprice and pool operators’ fees.

This move also coincides with a slowdown in the efficiency improvements of bitcoin ASIC chips, making ancillary software services and hardware equipment increasingly important for ensuring optimal efficiency and operational stability.

Foundry said it will showcase the products at the Mining Disrupt conference in Miami later this month.