Marathon’s Bitcoin Mining Host Reports Complete Power Outage

Marathon had 7.8 EH/s of hashrate installed at Applied Digital's Ellendale facility.

UPDATE – Feb. 15: Applied Digital said that its electricity provider completed the required upgrades and the Ellendale facility has been re-energized.

On Feb. 13, Applied Digital’s Garden City hosting facility, where Marathon installed 4.5 EH/s, was de-energized for three days due to maintenance work on a nearby power station by its electrical provider.

Applied Digital, a colocation host for the largest public bitcoin mining firm Marathon, has been experiencing a complete power outage for one of its main sites since Jan. 19.

Applied Digital said in an SEC filing on Friday that it began experiencing a power outage at its Ellendale data center hosting facility, which resulted in a complete outrage by Jan. 19. The company announced a $20 million loan deal earlier this week but did not mention the outage.

“This complete power outage is currently ongoing as our electricity provider is performing upgrades to ensure stability of our electrical supply,” the firm said in the filing on Friday. As of Nov. 30, Applied Digital an 180 MW facility fully operational in Ellendale, North Dakota.

According to Marathon’s January update, it had 7.8 EH/s of hashrate installed at Applied Digital’s Ellendale facility. That represented 57% of all the hashrate that Marathon hosts at all of Applied Digital’s sites. As previously reported, Marathon’s hashrate connected to its MARA Pool experienced a notable downtime in late January, likely due to the power outage at Applied Digital.

Applied Digital’s management expects the Ellendale site to be online again during February but noted that revenues from the facility will be “materially impacted” by the outage for the quarter ending February 29.

For the quarter ending Nov. 30, the bitcoin mining hosting segment contributed to 80% of Applied Digital’s $42.2 million revenue. The increase in bitcoin mining hosting revenue was driven “primarily by a full quarter” of revenue generation from the Ellendale facility.