Miner Weekly: $1.2 Billion Pre-Halving Shopping Spree

And half of that happened in two months

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There have been several miner purchasing announcements over the past week as mining companies compete for fleet efficiency and production capacity ahead of the halving, which is now less than 20,000 blocks away, or roughly 138 days.

It seems like the upcoming halving and this year’s market rebound from the 2022 bottom has bolstered mining companies’ capital expenditure. 

According to data compiled by TheMinerMag, a dozen public mining companies have made purchase orders for spot and future stocks of bitcoin miners totaling over 70 EH/s this year so far. Their miner investment commitments total more than $1.2 billion year-to-date, with approximately $750 million signed over the past two months. 

Some of those purchases have already been paid and some will be due in monthly batches over the next year and beyond. In total, public mining companies tracked by TheMinerMag have already spent $747 million in the first three quarters this year on property, plant and equipment.

The chart below plots different miner purchases signed this year by public mining companies.

Chinese miner manufacturers are set to be the biggest winners from these purchasing deals. Of the $1.1 billion investment identified by TheMinerMag, MicroBT and Bitmain account for 56% and 42%, respectively, with Canaan accounting for the rest of it. 

It is interesting to see that the contracts from public mining firms for Antminers were more granular than those for WhatsMiners. Although there have only been four known bulk purchases of WhatsMiners from Riot, Northern Data, and Bitfarms, the preordered hashrate already totals nearly 40 EH/s. And just on Thursday, UAE-based Phoenix Group said it signed a contract to procure $136 million worth of WhatsMiners without specifying the hashrate or model.

Also notable this year is the participation of miner manufacturers in self-mining activities. For instance, Canaan has been hosting Avalon miners in Stronghold’s facility in a profit-sharing mode since May. Several public mining firms have bought 12 EH/s of S19XPs and yet Bitmain has shipped nearly 40 EH/s of S19XPs to its subsidiary in Georgia. The influx of S19XPs also coincides with the hashrate resurgence of Bitmain-tied Antpool.

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