Bitdeer Touts 18.1 J/TH Efficiency in Proprietary Bitcoin ASIC

Jihan Wu's Bitdeer leveling up the competition against Bitmain's BitFuFu with proprietary ASIC push

Nasdaq-listed bitcoin mining, cloud mining, and colocation firm Bitdeer said it has completed the design of its in-house bitcoin ASIC chip, boasting an efficiency of 18.1 J/TH.

Bitdeer said in a post on X on Sunday that the bitcoin ASIC chip, dubbed SEAL01, uses the 4-nanometer process technology from an unnamed foundry fabricator and will be used to launch its in-house SEALMINER A1 equipment.

The announcement came almost a year after rumors began circulating within the mining industry that Bitdeer, chaired by the co-founder and former CEO of Bitmain Jihan Wu, is launching proprietary bitcoin miners.

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Bitdeer did not elaborate on the expected hashrate or the power consumption of the SEAL01 chip or that of the eventual miner system. The company said it is preparing for mass production but did not provide an approximate timeline.

Bitdeer’s ASIC push is another sign of the vertical integration in the bitcoin mining industry extending from infrastructure to hardware equipment.

As previously reported, Marathon prepaid over $70 million in Q4 for hardware equipment after paying $15 million in September to its portfolio company Auradine to secure rights to purchase future stocks of the firm’s TeraFlux bitcoin miners.