MaraPool Mines 4.2% of Bitcoin Rewards with 23.7 EH/s Energized

Marathon may achieve another record production month in December

The market share of MaraPool in bitcoin rewards has increased to 4.21% month-to-date following Marathon’s completion of the energization of 23.7 EH/s of its proprietary hashrate capacity.

Bitcoin’s network data shows that Marathon’s private mining pool MaraPool has mined 213 BTC in the first five days this month as of writing, which accounted for 4.21% of the total block rewards up for grabs. That also represents a sharp increase from 3.57% in November, although the variance of luck may have also played a role over the short period.

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Source: TheMinerMag;

According to Marathon’s latest production update, it mined 1,187 BTC in November from MaraPool and rewards through its joint ventures in the Middle East.

The November production implies a realized hashrate of 17.78 EH/s, which was only 75% of the 23.7 EH/s that it said it fully energized in November.

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With the recent energization, Marathon could achieve a record production month in December. With a consistent 4.2% market share and a steady uptime throughout the month, the company could receive more than 1,258 BTC from MaraPool. That alone would be higher than Marathon’s production of 1,245 BTC in May.

The company was holding over 14,000 BTC as of Nov. 30 after selling about 60% of its November production to cover operational expenses.