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F2Pool Co-Founder Says OFAC Transaction Filter Disabled – For Now

Bitcoin developer concluded that F2Pool likely filtered OFAC-sanctioned transactions

Wang Chun, the co-founder of F2Pool, has said a bitcoin transaction filter patch will be disabled in what appears to be a move responding to questions on F2Pool filtering transactions from OFAC-sanctioned addresses.

Earlier this week, anonymous bitcoin developer 0xB10C wrote in a blog post that from September to October, six blocks missing OFAC-sanctioned transactions were identified by the developer’s miningpool-observer project. Four of the blocks were mined by F2Pool while the other two were mined by ViaBTC and Foundry USA Pool.

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Based on the methodology described in the blog post, 0xB10C concluded that the sanctioned transactions missing from blocks mined by ViaBTC and Foundry “are likely false positives and not [a] result of filtering,” adding that “the transactions missing from F2Pool’s blocks are, however, likely filtered.”

The developer raised further questions as to “why F2Pool, a pool with origins in Asia, is the first pool to filter transactions based on US OFAC sanctions.” F2Pool is the third largest bitcoin mining pool. The real-time hashrate connected to the pool has not experienced any material decline over the past three days.

In a now-deleted quote-tweet responding to 0xB10C’s findings on Wednesday, Wang seemingly confirmed the transaction filter, saying:

“Why do you feel surprised when I refuse to confirm transactions for those criminals, dictators and terrorists? I have every right not to confirm any transactions from Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, don’t I?”

Wang said in a subsequent tweet that [F2Pool] “will disable the tx filtering patch for now, until the community reaches a more comprehensive consensus on this topic.”