Marathon-backed Auradine Boasts 15J/TH in New Bitcoin Miner Efficiency

Shipment for the Teraflux AT2880 and AI3680 miners will start in Q2, Auradine said.

Upstarting bitcoin ASIC designer Auradine launches two new bitcoin miners, touting an efficiency that could compete with Bitmain’s flagship Antminer S21.

The U.S. company announced the launch of its Teraflux bitcoin miners dubbed AT2880 and AI3680 on Tuesday, adding that the shipment will start in Q2 next year with production volumes picking up in Q3.

Auradine said the AT2880 air-cooled model is “capable of achieving an output of 0 to 260 TH/s, with an optimal efficiency of 16 J/TH” while the AI3680 immersion-cooled model can compute as much as 375 TH/s at an optimal efficiency of 15 J/TH.

Auradine’s CEO and co-founder Rajiv Khemani said the company aims to offer North American bitcoin mining operators an alternative to “foreign ASICs,” taking on the competition against Chinese manufacturing giants Bitmain, MicroBT and Canaan.

Over the past two months, Bitmain, MicroBT and Canaan all rolled out the next generation of bitcoin ASICs with a sub-20J/TH efficiency, heating the hardware war ahead of the halving next year.

Auradine added that its EnergyTune and AutoTune technologies also allow operators to overclock or underclock the miners based on the demand response needs of the electrical grids

Auradine announced a Series A funding round in May this year with $81 million. Bitcoin mining giant Marathon revealed an investment of $35 million in Auradine in Q3 2022.